This sauce is amazing! It is a go to snack in our house. Love the convenience, but by far love the quality this product brings to the table. Can't wait to see more products from this company.
My kids absolutely love this apple and pear sauce! I even sneak one for myself sometimes! And it's so comforting to know that I'm providing the healthiest biodynamic options for their little bodies. You just can't find this quality of of ingredients anywhere else!
I can't seem to keep these "in stock" at our house because my 21 month old would eat a sleeve in a sitting if he could! I also love that they're biodynamic. I found this company when I was doing research on biodynamic foods (grown through a method that goes "beyond organic" because it uses regenerative farming practices) and it's one of the few biodynamic convenience foods out there. Plus, the cost isn't all that bad when you price it out per 4 oz. container- it's very comparable to what I pay for the 4 oz. organic baby food pouches.